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As I am alive why bother with a workshop on death ?

We live in fear of death. Once that reality is looked at consciously it can radically affect our attitudes and behavior in life. We can be more relaxed, less anxious. Less fearful and more prepared for the inevitable—that one day we will die.

Is it relevant to people that are fit and strong?

It is relevant for everyone as we are all going to face the dying process, and ultimately, face death. The workshop gives participants an opportunity to see their beliefs and anxieties about death and, if so desired, replace them with fresh choices. It also is a great opportunity to look at our priorities whilst we are alive and get to really see what is genuinely important to us.

Is the workshop religious ?

Not at all. The workshop is not intended to offer fresh belief systems or confirm existing held beliefs. It is simply an opportunity for participants to confront their beliefs, fears and hopes around death. Participants are given all the space they need to look at and assess their own personal position.

Does it matter what religious beliefs you have?

Not at all. Yours views and beliefs are your business and do not impact the effectiveness of the group process. It is designed to accommodate everybody’s position. It is not offering a solution, simply an opportunity to reflect, assess and recommit to ones life and how we would like to die.

Will it make me morbid?

No it won't. It is more likely to make you more relaxed and joyful in your life. It allows you to see that life is about living and that death and life are not against each other, rather they are the qualities of the same energy that give the flavour of a life lived to the full.

Why are the participants asked to stay in silence during the workshop?

Everyone of us is on our own solitary path – we travel together for parts of the journey, make friends, lovers and perhaps enemies, yet we are on our own – when we come into this life, during it and when we go out of it. No one can tell anyone else ‘the truth’ – it is there for each one to find for ourselves. It is totally individual. This why the workshop is ‘in silence’ with hardly any sharing, everyone has the opportunity to value and travel their own path whilst being supported by the energy of the group as a whole. The silence helps create a reflective space where it is safe to go as far as you want into the unknown, an exciting exploration, your own inner journey in this life.