A beautiful way to look at death (ultimately our own) with support, sensitivity and mastery without being forced fed anything, just a space... what a gift! Kailash

....best weekend of the year! Jane

This lovely lady Archa Robinson is exploring a very sensitive subject with compassion in June. For any who are curious... Judith Kingdom

This is a really powerful workshop. If you can, go for it!!! Amrit

Highly recommend this workshop. It is brilliant and so life affirming. Joanne Ferris

My holiday tip .... Beautiful, life enhancing workshop with dear friends in my beloved Cornwall. Anandi

This is an utterly beautiful experience, if you feel a pull to do it, go for it you won't be disappointed xxx Rachael

This is a wonderful workshop. It is about life!!! I took years to decide to do it. Actually I was put off by the staying in silence but that ended up one of the best bits! Very life affirming. Share this as the more people that are aware of the course the better. It is life changing!!!! Val Hurry

A friend of mine is organising this workshop and it isn't just about death and dying, it's very much about life too. Justine Smith

This is truly the only workshop that I regularly recommend to everyone and anyone.... we are all going to die and we are all, in our own ways, living at the moment. This workshop helps us to live more fully, more present to our life and death.... Archa and her team are great. If you want to give yourself an amazing present, then this one is for you xx. Diane Kutz

This is one of the best workshops I've ever done. Truly life-changing. I'd be doing it again if I wasn't going to be in South Africa. It took me outside my comfort zone at times, but left me lastingly more comfortable with both life and death. Treat yourself. - Hope in the Heart