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Sometimes I feel that I'm just waiting for life to happen.......

Now my dad's gone and I don't know if he knew I loved him.

I used to love being a mother. Now the kids have left home and life just seems sort of pointless.

My partner and my mum both died within 5 months and the grief feels unbearable.

Gracie and I have been best friends since she was a puppy 18 years ago. Now I don't know how to cope without her.

It was so scary getting this diagnosis. I either feel frozen or scared.

Life is full of goodbyes. From the moment of our birth we are dying,and as our lives go on we have to face the impermanence of everything, from the heart-rending death of our first guinea pig to the end of childhood, then the end of our youth, divorce or aloneness, our children leaving home, our parents growing older and dying, and then our own aging and the loss of our friends and partners. And finally facing the end of our own lives.

A static life without change and endings would be unbearable, but still it can be incredibly hard to face the loss of those humans and animals we love, to face the changes in our own identity, to face the fact of a world without us in it

And the knowledge that everything we love will change is always with us: We can hold it at bay with excitements and big goals and having children and amazing relationships and the dramas of life, but always we know in our hearts that everything will one day pass.

Grief, and not wanting to let go of those we love and loved, of the dreams we had, of the future we once imagined, of the identity we had created for ourselves in the world, and fear of nothingness in the future can paralyse us, can make us live our lives in fear and regret and insecurity and smallness.

If we cannot move on from the past and stop being paralysed with fears of the future, we can never really be in the wonder of the present. Which is always the only place we can ever be.

These beautiful workshops provide a supportive and safe space to explore our relationship with death and endings and to experience how changing our relationship to dying can totally transform our experience of living.


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“If you understand, if you see, if you can feel and experience that you are not separate from existence, that you are one with it, all fear of death disappears because there is nobody to die inside you.
In the first place there is nobody at all, existence lives through you.”

Osho, The Guest