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is transforming perceptions around death and dying; supporting people in rediscovering the deep understanding of ourselves and of life that death gives us.

We seem to have lost this in our society is covered up and we are ‘protected’ from it.
We would like to de-mystify death, dying, loss and grief… change the act of dying from denial and resistence into an essential part of our lives ….to lose our fear.

Our workshops support people in realising that death is not the enemy but an integral part of life iteself and that the more we are able to face and be present to our own deaths the more we are able to be really present in our lives now, living loving and truly celebrating our being here in every moment.

‘Meeting up with other participants after the weekend we all found it wasn’t only our fears around death we’d confronted but that somehow our lives felt lighter. It may have been 6 months ago but it caused a major sea-change in my life that is still making itself felt. The world needs this course- it’s required viewing!’. 
Matthew - Life Coach


in Cornwall
and Dorset

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