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OUR WORKSHOPS ARE warm, welcoming,peaceful and completely supportive of whatever life-experience has brought you here.

They involve writing, music, art, active and sitting meditation, dance, silence and visualisations.

Sometimes you might cry or feel very sad, sometimes you will probably wish you were somewhere else altogether and sometimes you will find you will find yourself laughing your socks off!

To support the journey, much of the group is in silence, but one of the team is always available if needed. There are times that participants work in pairs and an intimacy is created that is as deep or deeper than when there is talking.
No matter how many loved ones we have around our death bed we will make that final journey on our own… is a very individual journey.

During the lunch breaks or on Saturday evening participants can take gorgeous walks into the countryside or to the stunning coastline (if in Cornwall)

The workshop is 90% looking at your OWN death on the premise that only to the extent you can you be with your own death can you be around another's’.
It is a bit like having a near-death experience and people find they have a new friendliness with death and that a freshness comes into their lives as they begin to create the life they love.

Many people repeat the workshop regularly every year as each time it is new….and different insights and experiences happen.

And it is a very beautiful retreat …. participating on this workshop you will feel afterwards that you have given yourself a very special gift.


‘‘I experienced dying and being re-born in every moment!" 

Robert - Musician


in Cornwall
and Dorset

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“To know life in its insecurity is to know life in its immense beauty, is to know life in its authenticity. To know life in its insecurity, without any fear, is to transcend death, because life never dies..”

Osho, The Guest